Do you speak the language of crochet symbols?

Do you speak the language of crochet symbols?

I ❤ crochet t-shirt and tank top – made using crochet pattern symbols!

This cute, stylish shirt is perfect for showing off your love of crochet and is bound to start a conversation!

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crochet tank


Macrame crochet is in in 2016! Inspiration Pics

Time to freshen up on my pattern-making skills and create some cool items for around the house (including clothing!)! Macrame (a form or crochet) is making all the fashion style & living magazines this year.

Granny Style - Gucci Spring 2016  Granny Style - Delpozo Spring 2016

W Magazine Spring Fashion Week: How to wear your grandma’s macrame this spring

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The dopamine effect of creativity

This is yet another study with findings that yarn-crafting can reduce anxiety, relieve stress and even protect the brain from signs of aging. I enjoyed the read and empirical research much more in this CNN article, “This is your brain on crafting”. The research study referenced involved over 3,500 knitters where 81% reported feeling happy when knitting, and more than half felt “very happy”. I liked the phrase ”

A natural anti-depressant

The reward center in your brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine when you do something pleasurable. Scientists believe dopamine was originally designed to make us repeat activities that would help the species survive, such as eating and having sex. Over time, we’ve evolved so that the brain can also release dopamine while we’re staining glass or decorating a cake.

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Can knitting delay memory loss and reduce anxiety?

Yes, I know this Canadian Living Article uses the forbidden word to chocheters, “knitting”. However, the same principle applies for all yarn-crafts and their associated health benefits.

Knit for Health and Wellness The author of this book found research that connects the meditation-like quality of knitting to lowered blood pressure levels.

The author also made the connection that knitting can help relieve anxiety for those with eating disorders. Why eating disorders specifically? The research study (Conducted by a UK University) examined was directly related to individuals with Anorexia Nervosa and the theory that the visiospatial task of knitting influences the anxious preoccupations (repetitive thoughts, fears, control of food).

In this study, 38 female individuals admitted in a treatment centre with AN were given knitting lessons and free access to supplies. They were asked to report the qualitative impacts using a self-reporting questionnaire. The results found that the majority of participants found a reduction in anxious preoccupations while knitting and increased satisfaction, pride and sense of accomplishment.

Great! Now to put my psychology degree to good use and analyze the study for reliability and validity:

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March is National Crochet Month 2016 (Who knew)

Found something out today!

I am Canadian, but according to the National Crochet Guild of America this month is dedicated to crocheting. This intrigued my interest so I checked it out. Although their website doesn’t specify why March, why a whole month and is there an underlying message raising awareness about something that typical days would (i.e. Black history month, Autism Awareness Day etc.).

This also led me to think, is there a Canadian crochet association?

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